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L’Irlanda e gli irlandesi nell’Alto Medioevo

ISBN: 9788879882347
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L’Irlanda e gli irlandesi nell’Alto Medioevo

(Spoleto, 16-21 aprile 2009) Spoleto 2010, bodoniana, pp. 788, tavv. f.t. 52.

Contenuti: MICHAEL LAPIDGE, L’Irlanda e gli irlandesi nell’alto medioevo - VENCESLAS KRUTA, Les racines celtiques de l’Irlande - PHILIPPE WALTER, La transcription médiévale des mythes préchrétiens de l’Irlande - THOMAS M. CHARLES-EDWARDS, Society and politics in Pre-Norman Ireland - FERGUS KELLY, The relative importance of cereals and livestock in the Medieval Irish economy: the evidence of the law-texts - WENDY DAVIES, Economic change in Early Medieval Ireland: the case for growth - TOMÁS Ó CATHASAIGH, Kingship in Early Irish literature.- IMMO WARNTJES, The role of the church in Early Irish regnal succession - the case of Iona - LIAM BREATNACH, Law and literature in Early Mediaeval Ireland - MÁIRE HERBERT, Hagiography and holy bodies: observations on corporeal relics in pre-Viking Ireland.- DONNCHADH Ó CORRÁIN, The church and secular society.- COLMÁN ETCHINGHAM, Bishops, church and people: how Christian was ‘Early Christian Ireland’? - YITZHAK HEN, The nature and character of the Early Irish Liturgy - PRÓINSÉAS NÍ CHATHÁIN, A rare aspect of Early Irish monasticism: the martyrdom of Donnán.- LUCIA CASTALDI, La trasmissione e rielaborazione dell’esegesi patristica nella letteratura ibernica delle origini.- FRANCESCO STELLA, Il mito dell’Irlanda nella letteratura carolingia - SVEN MEEDER, The Irish foundations and the Carolingian world - MICHAEL RICHTER, Iona and Reichenau in the ninth century - MICHAEL HERREN, The study of greek in Ireland in the Early Middle Ages.- MÁIRÍN NÍ DHONNCHADHA, The beginnings of Irish vernacular literary tradition.- DANIEL P. MC CARTHY, The Irish Annals - their origin and evolution V to XI sec..- MICHELLE P. BROWN, From Columba to Cormac: the contribution of Irish scribes to the insular system of scripts.- JENNIFER O’REILLY, The image of orthodoxy, the mysterium Christi and Insular Gospel books - ÉAMONN Ó CARRAGÁIN, Visual theology within a liturgical context: the visual programmes of the Irish high crosses.- FABRIZIO CRIVELLO, L’Irlanda e l’arte carolingia.

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